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About us


About us

My mission is to help people live healthier and financially secure lives. I specialize in senior medical and medical insurance solutions, serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area.

William "Louie" Checcino

Personal Background
  • Born into a military family, Ft. Knox, Ky. Well-traveled and has lived in Japan.
  • Volunteered as Emergency Medical Technician for ten years in upstate New York.
  • Worked with the Center for Auto Safety, Washington, DC, developing the Congress’ approved child
    car seat recall system, and founded the grass roots child car seat inspection system.
  • Volunteered for Fresh Air Organization for ten years. We brought underprivileged children from NY,
    NY to our homes for a free two-week vacation. Founded Fun with Fresh Air that lined up activities
    for little or no cost to the host families.
  • Graduated with a BA degree in Psychology and Sociology, SUNY Geneseo (1976).
  • Earned an A.A.S. degree in Advanced Water Treatment, Hillsborough Community College (2007).
  • Has lived in Tampa Bay for 11 years and I am the proud father of Scott (31) and Kara (28).
  • Retired from Macy’s after 6 plus years
Professional Background
  • Licensed with the Florida Department of Financial Services in health.
  • I represent many Medical Insurance Companies. Each
    company has its own specialty.
  • Employed by Calgon Corporation as a sales manager for New England and New York states selling
    water treatment and metal finishing chemicals.
  • Founded and ran a successful manufacturer’s representative firm for 15 years
  • Work at Macy’s Furniture Gallery part time, as a team leader, manager for the Previous 6 plus years
Personal Business Philosophy
  • My mission is to help people live healthier and financially secure lives. I specialize in Medicare, Medicaid and Medical Insurance solutions, serving the Tampa Bay Area.
  • I understand your needs and respect your choices.
About My Team
  • Let me tell you about the rest of our team members starting with Ms. Anita Wyman. She is an accomplished English
    and German teacher with three Master’s degrees. Anita has earned two Masters Degrees in Speech Communication,
    and English with all of her Ph.D. credits completed for Middle English.In addition, she has earned a Master’s degree
    in German. Anita has over thirty years’ experience in education from early childhood through adult learning, including
    college courses. She has taught foreign speaking students at USF and other fine learning institutions. She lived in
    Spain for six months. She is a Florida State Licensed Health agent. She is the “Missing piece of the puzzle, to my life”. Yes, I write her poetry. We have known each
    other for over eleven years now and she is without doubt “my best friend!”
  • Edited by: Anita
  • Let me present Mr. Camilo Andres Trujillo, he is a native Colombian medical doctor in his home country. Camilo is presently working as research volunteer at USF Radiology Department and volunteers with other doctors in writing research projects. He is studying for applying to surgery residency to become a trauma surgeon. He is a young intelligent, and dedicated as well as very positive. He is acquiring his 240 Health license.He is a valuable asset to BriteFinish.
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  • Welcoming to my team, is my daughter Kara Checcino. Kara graduated with an A.A.S degree in Interactive Media Design, from Bryant and Stratton College in 2013 and is currently developing my website, as my new Web Designer. She is also currently working on her Bachelors degree in Business Administration, at the Bryant and Stratton campus in Buffalo N.Y.  Feel free to check out her website at !
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